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    Duc de Vervins by Houbigant

    spice,amber,oakmoos,citrus well put together to an aromatic scent.It reminds me of Tsar,Egoiste Platinum,Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne and Drakkar noir!-very similar.The opening is fresh and spicy-nice.The dry-down is the same : aromatic-fresh-green.I like the fragrance and although itīs quite particular and special in comparison to the fragrances being launched nowadays Duc de Virvins remains very linear all the time-powerful aromatic spicy fresh opening on quite a high level but then nothing else happens: long-lasting,strong and no further progress or evolution.A manīs fragrance- a virile simple but well done scent.The more I smell it the more I want something to happen but this fragrance stays the same all the time.At the end I was bored and bugged- okay, maybe this was never the intention of Duc de Virvins but I expect more-Duc de Virvins: an aristocratic promising sound and a bottle with golden letters- even more promising but this fragrance does not satisfy my expectations.Itīs singular but remains on a mediocre level!

    31st August, 2011

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