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    Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

    I know it’s simple and I know it’s fairly linear, but there’s just something so nice and refreshing about this fragrance that I can’t stop smelling my arm when I’m wearing it!

    Even though it looks and is presented like many other ‘aqua’ style fragrances, there is something a little fruity and tart about Z that distinguishes it from the rest of the bunch. After about an hour I also get a noticeable but faint spicy menthol type vibe from this which keeps the freshness kicking for a few hours.

    It’s certainly not an outstanding fragrance, but its easy wearability has seen it recently make it into my top 20 rotation for everyday use.

    Longevity – about 5 hours tops;
    Sillage – easily detectable in the first 2 hours, then fades somewhat;
    Value for $ – if you are paying retail price not great. However, as this can be found relatively cheaply on-line ($35 for 100mls), not too shabby.

    Easily recommended as a safe blind buy for those who are looking for a slightly different ‘fresh’ style masculine fragrance. Not a stunner, but it still gets a thumbs up from me.

    31st August, 2011

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