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    Madison Square Park by Bond No. 9

    Bond no 9 MADISON SQUARE PARK is thankfully a lot better than MADISON SOIREE, which I find unwearable (to my nose MADISON SOIREE is a somewhat rank soap scentócould be a skin chemistry issue, then again maybe not...). In fact, MADISON SQUARE PARK is a completely different genre: a kind of crispy and sparkly citrusy-fruity-floral perfect for the spring weather which had finally made its way out to these parts at the time when it was launched.

    The opening of this Bond offering smells to me a bit like a cross between HIGH LINE and Guerlain AQUA ALLEGORIA PAMPLELUNE. Although grapefruit is not listed among the official notes, I really do smell a dominant quasi-grapefruit zest note in the opening. This gives way shortly thereafter to a hyacinth and tart rhubarb-like composition. All in all, a generally refreshing and optimistic scent. Not sure that I'd want a full bottle of this one, but I'd definitely wear it in the springtime, if I happened to have some lying around. For now, I'll work my way through my purse spray and then see whether MADISON SQUARE PARK has become an acquired need...

    01st September, 2011

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