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    Incanto Bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Salvatore Ferragamo INCANTO BLISS is a shiny happy tonic of a perfume, although it is neither very citrus, nor very aromatic. Every time I put it on (usually when dashing out the door), I feel momentarily uplifted. It's bright, cheery, optimistic, sociable--basically the antithesis of thick, heavy, dark and pensive chypre perfumes. This a fragrance which I regard as more or less interchangeable--in terms of timbre, tone, and mood--with TRACY. Although they are definitely distinct compositions (with completely different notes), they serve precisely the same purpose and offer similar effects. Neither is overly sweet; neither is suffocatingly floral. All things considered, TRACY has a bit more overall perfumic integrity, it seems to me.

    INCANTO BLISS can be perhaps usefully compared to a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI). On the one hand, it temporarily blocks the capacity for brooding. On the other hand, it is impossible to enter into a deep relationship with such a fragrance. The momentary bliss which it seems to provide proves fairly swiftly to have been an illusion: shortlived and superficial. Had I written this review under the influence, I would surely have given it a thumbs up. (No need to worry: there are no guns around.)

    01st September, 2011

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