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    Fleur Blanche by Ajne

    This one is a big thumbs up for me. I own many gardenia scents from high end to low end. As many of you know, it is not possible to extract pure gardenia scent at this time. From what I have read, Ajne's perfumer, Jane, spent quite a long time experimenting with many blends until she found one that created a true to life gardenia. Unlike many synthetics, this natural "gardenia" is cheerful but does not scream white floral. I am pleased to say it is one of my most favorite scents of all time!

    I suggest that even if white floral is not your thing, this is worth a sample. After the gardenia softens, a pleasant woodsy drydown awaits. I have found this scent so soothing that I've worn it to bed. Depending on the weather, you may find touches of other very soft florals in Fleur Blanche. In dry heat, the woodsy aspect appears sooner. I find this lasts about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the weather and your skin condition. In humid climates, this will last longer. It is available in perfume form or edp. I own the perfume.

    I found out by pure accident that my cats prefer natural perfume to synthetics. They will not wince or run away, but they will take a small sniff and go on about their business.

    Ajne has a sampling program and you may want to use this before purchasing. The money spent on the samples goes toward a future purchase!

    01st September, 2011

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