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    Aseel by Al Rehab

    Prevalent rose top notes feeling a little dry because of the frankincense, not subtle, not gentlemanly, not understated, making it a little bit over the femenine side. The complexity is quite remarkable for such an inexpensive scent, just minutes after the top notes the wearer can percieve the presence of those used in masculine perfumes, thus the gender limits have been crossed due to some green notes, chances are because of aromatics blended with flowers. From then the blend evolves without the initial complexity into flowery and patchouli notes with a very, extremily remarkable longevity.

    Final remarks before finishing this review: it is heavy on the rose, so this could be favored by men who are looking after rose-based unisex blends, but not those after masculine rose blends. Now, after trying Epic Woman and Opus IV, I can sense an Amouage - like feeling in this one: could it be the frankincense? Or is it something akin to scents made in the Middle East? Or is it that Al Rehab tries to offer inexpensive versions of Amouage like scents?

    Neve mind the retorical questions. After the olfatory patterns so common in many global designer's blends, this is a piece appart that can be considered as a niche scent, albeit all its flaws. And fo the price being asked... something worth trying (and throwed or given away if disliked).

    29th August, 2011 (Last Edited: 03rd September, 2011)

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