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    Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

    I've never been a fan of any CK fragrance... Let's get that straight. IMO Eternity has been the most popular and well received fragrance out of the house according to the general public. However, since I'm giving it a thumbs down that should tell you how I feel about it as well as CK's other concoctions. Simply put Calvin Klein's Eternity isn't well received in my world. It's generic smelling, boring, I imagine myself wearing this if I want to watch paint dry. What I get out of this is a very subtle floral with some faint woods in the drydown. I find that the longevity and projection on me are bare minimal. Does this fragrance garner female compliments? Yes. Does it receive compliments because women have been overexposed to this due to its price tag and years on the market? Most definitely. If you are wearing this to attract women then stop. If you are wearing this because your partner enjoys it then fine. My suggestion is to sample some newer fragrances because IMO any current day fragrance blows this stuff out of the 80s and into a garbage can.

    Longevity: 6 I get 6 hours tops.
    Projection: 6 This one is meant for closer contact IMO.
    Compliments: 7 There are several women that I know of that enjoy this.
    Smell: 4 This just does nothing for me.

    Overall: 5.8 out of 10

    04th September, 2011

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