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    Or Black by Pascal Morabito

    I've always avoided writing a review of Or Black. I feel that to write a review one should try to maintain some objectivity. And its been a defualt setting in my wardrobe for so long that I can't even pretend to be objective.

    Don't know what to wear... Or Black.
    Formal without being stuffy.... Or Black.
    Alone on a chill winters night and wanting to feel held.... Or Black
    Comfort scent.... Or Black.

    And its a chameleon. Sometimes I get some notes... sometimes others. Different moods and different weathers bring out multiple facets to me.

    Autumn and winter I normally get the leather. Specifically its the smell of new suede. Spring and summer I get the worlds driest rose - imagine a solitary red rose valiantly growing against the backdrop of a Sergio Leone western.

    And always that smooth musk and tonka and laubdanum in the far drydown. 24 hours later I still smell it when the hot water of a shower opens my pores. And fall in love with it once again.

    Perfume as an art form is about emotion, not objectivity.
    Perhaps it wouldnt hang in the Louvre. But this is what would hang above my bed.

    11th September, 2011

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