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    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

    I love angular fougères. I've written that so many times on basenotes it feels like a mantra. If anyone is still producing encyclopedias in hard-bound book form (do they still exist?) the entry for fougère should have a scratch-and-sniff of Patrick. Others here on Basenotes have described it better than I can, so I'll just say that it's remarkably concise yet expressive. It so perfectly captures the soapiness, that defining attribute of the best fougères. It is exuberant yet simple, soapy yet earthy. These dualities make it not just interesting, but conversational.

    The coumarin/lavender/musk balance is flawless, but Patrick, for all its simplicity and directness makes me marvel at the slow sleight of hand that takes place. The hay-like, singing fougère moves from barbershop about 2 paces into the realm of the green chypre. Spectacular transition! The coumarin, initially so closely held to the lavender and musk, joins hands with the moss, and turns around to look at you with a laughing smile.

    Another spectacular, underestimated fragrance I discovered in the "Unsung Treasures" forum. Sensationally inexpensive, potent, long-lasting and easy to wear as an everyday fragrance.

    08th September, 2011 (Last Edited: 11th September, 2011)

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