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    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    Wow, what can I say? I was half expecting to be as disappointed by this as I was with 'Coffee', but this actually just edges out 'Malt' as my top favourite of Mugler's Men range.

    The tobacco note is most prominent to my nose, along with dashes of honey and a little vanilla. The surprise for me though is just how long I can actually still detect the tobacco note. It seems to last for ages. I guess that's why it's called 'Havane'.

    Unlike 'Coffee', which in my experience barely held a weak milky coffee note for about 30 minutes on my skin, this version continues to exude a beautiful, sweet & slightly dark tobacco aroma for at least a few hours. Further development reveals the signature A*Men base, but without any trace of tarry notes to intrude on the lovely caramel.

    I still love ‘Malt’ for its opening boozy sweetness, but ‘Havane’ goes to the top of the class for its extended longevity and slightly darker top notes. A very big thumbs up!

    For what it’s worth, my order of preference for the Mugler Men series is now:
    1. Pure Havane
    2. Pure Malt
    3. B*Men
    4. Ice*Men (a much reviled & misunderstood beast!)
    5. A*Men
    6. Pure Coffee

    13th September, 2011

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