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    Hombre de Flores Narcissus by Fresh

    LOL! A men's scent that hides "a little something extra"! A venerable study in floral fragrances for men.

    The notes seem "fruity-floral" but really it is narcissus tucked inconspicuously within a spicy, warm, and musky mens composition. For my tastes, I would've preferred the spiciness to be held back to give the narcissus a chance to bloom wider, but I was surprised at how much narcissus was used to give it a not-quite-there center of focus. The scent for the most part is almost all linear with the exception of added warmth on the drydown.

    I have to appreciate the fact that Fresh is trying to educate the nose that florals can and should be used in mens fragrances and that it is rather idiotic to think that it would change someone's masculine virility if one was spritzed with an eau spiked with an exotic floral, though I couldn't help but imagine the funny notion of a black and white ad with a man with his hair greased down, groomed moustache, a 3-piece pinstripe suit and wingtips, and fishnet stockings peeking out under the hem of his pants. LMAO!

    Hearty thumbs up for the Fresh's will to re-educate.

    13th October, 2009

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