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    Alt-Innsbruck Eau de Cologne by Alt-Innsbruck

    I use this as an aftershave more than a cologne, but longevity is typical of an EdC and can last for hours. I shave at night, so it never clashes with my cologne for the day. As noted by bokaba, on application there is a strong menthol blast that is probably the best cooling effect I've had from any menthol based aftershave. The scent to me is intoxicating. I get absolutely no tobacco from this. The scent is that of tobacco flower and is much sweeter and powdery. Don't use this thinking you are getting a tobacco scent ala pipe or cigar tobacco. Really basic stuff made from high quality ingredients. Can definitely be used as an EdC in the morning and will last for several hours. I've used a ton of aftershaves though and this one ranks number 1 easily. The several hours before bed are filled with this blissful scent often. This is also very much a love it or hate it scent, and for me it is one I love greatly.

    15th September, 2011

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