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    Infusion de Vétiver by Prada

    Poor Infusion de Vetiver. It gets no real love on other review sites or even the forums here. And I don't really understand why.

    I guess its because it doesn't slap you around the face with a rooty vetiver punch to the nostrils from the first spritz. Yes, Vetiver lovers LOVE their vetiver, and the haters go without. But for people like me, this strikes a perfect middle ground.

    On application I get a slight citrus/pepper zing, but this is very fleeting, and immediately the fragrance sets out its stall for the next several hours... a mild, pleasant, even uplifting soapy green vetiver with a hint of a herbal background. To my nose fairly linear but lovely.

    The projection is good for up to two hours, then it the sits close to the skin for a further 3 or so hours of it's life.

    Like I hinted at earlier, I'm not the biggest vetiver-heavy fragrance fan, and sometimes feel I should at least 'make the effort' now I'm in my early 40's. And in my efforts to try, Infusion de Vetiver hits my sweet-spot. Daniela Andrier I tip my hat to you.

    Oh, and for those who say this quickly dries down to Infusion de Homme. Really? I couldn't disagree more.

    16th September, 2011

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