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    Brit for Men by Burberry

    I have to say this is one of my favorite scents. Okay I agree.. Hints of baby powder at times, but the top notes are amazing. Really.. I enjoy the topnotes of scents... Especially this one. Anyway, do not mind the baby powder myths. Brit only smells like that on paper and from sniffing the cap. Otherwise it's amazing.

    Great compliment getter. However you do have to be close to someone for them to smell it's. So I'd say it is kind of an intimate scent. And by the way, in high school right now and this scent works great. I don't smell like another jock with their acqua di gios or fierce. This scent is inoffensive and great for the younger crowd; the opposite of what burberry aimed for but hey.

    Starts with a sharp slight peppery sweet smell. Then it gets even sweeter and a bit gourmand. So if you don't like sweet scents. This is a big no. I get the feminine part of this scent but hey the girls like how it smells on me so I can't really complain

    Scent life could be longer though. I average 5-7 hours and I want 8-10!

    Overall 8

    17th September, 2011

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