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    Brit for Men by Burberry

    I first encountered Brit in a magazine "scent tab" years ago and immediately wanted a bottle of it. I eventually got the bottle later on only to be disappointed. I remember the first blast being a blitzkrieg on my senses. At the time I just thought it was too busy, but the reality of it was my nose just wasn't mature enough to appreciate it yet.

    Sensibilities change and my appreciation has grown from mere appreciation to complete enjoyment. This is now one of my signature scents for fall/winter. When I first spray this on I'm hit with a strong dose of ginger, which is what I suspect gives this fragrance that "powdery" feel to it when combined with the florals and tonka bean. I also sense vanilla, though there is no vanilla listed in the note break down.

    Brit is a very spicy and woodsy fragrance. In fact, I have to wonder if the perfumer wasn't thinking of Christmas when they were thinking this up. It seems like the perfect fragrance to wear to a Christmas party or Christmas Eve/Day get together. It's certainly tailor made for cool/cold weather. Even though there are florals in this, if I had to pick one color to describe the scent of Brit it would have to be grey.

    I absolutely love Burberry Brit and highly recommend it. There will always be a bottle of it sitting in my wardrobe.

    17th September, 2011

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