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    Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man by Caron

    Here's a fragrance that makes me question my perceptions. What I am smelling in The Third Man is not what most of the other reviewers are smelling. Strong citrus? I don't get more than a passing whiff at the top. Super sweet? Not from the bottle I used. There is a mild vanilla at the far end of the drydown but it's not cloying at all, and I typically don't enjoy vanilla. For the bulk of the first 5 or 6 hours the sweetness is way, way in the background.

    I get floral but I don't find this girly or bee-sirening. The lavender so many are noticing is hiding somewhere, because it isn't on my skin after the first half hour, and until then it's mingling in the crowd.

    I get mostly a spicy, smoky and woody fragrance overlaying a floral skeleton. It's closer to a Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree without the citrus than, say, Caron Pour Un Homme. Or maybe I'm nuts. It's similar enough to other things that I probably won't be buying a full bottle but I don't agree with those who find it cheap and cloying.

    07th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 23rd September, 2011)

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