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    La Perla by La Perla

    I really fell head over heels for La Perla, which I first encountered last year when a fellow fragrance traveler sent me a generous sample of this gem. I had never even heard of this perfume, much less seen it anywhere for sale. To me, La Perla, like Moschino's first perfume, is a made-in-the-1980s classic which deserves to live on and on and has been severely underappreciated, passed over by the masses lured in to the major counters to buy the latest new big thing (whatever it may be, and however it may smell...) by massive attention-getting marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, La Perla has been shrouded in relative obscurity--I presume because the company has lingerie not perfume as its primary focus? More evidence for this "other priorities" theory would seem to be the cap on the La Perla bottle. It's probably the cheapest one I've ever seen, more akin to something that you'd find on a stick of deodorant than a luxurious perfume. But it wasn't the ugly, tacky, five-cents-to-produce cap that kept me and so many others away. It was the near total lack of any significant effort to promote or sell this beautiful perfume!!!!!

    Why do I love La Perla? In part, because it is a sophisticated yet comfy modern chypre, which was amazingly created between two patchouli fads. On the one hand, there was the hippie era, when (I'm told...) dark patchouli oil mingled with old faded, not-washed-for-months jeans. On the other hand, we continue to witness to the present day the post-Angel deluge of sweet patchouli frags. Somehow La Perla manages to avoid both excesses, being rich in patchouli and moss but neither very dirty nor very sweet. Instead, this perfume is soft and sultry: a perfect piece of silk lingerie, in fact. I love to sleep in La Perla, I really do.

    24th September, 2011

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