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    Folavril by Annick Goutal

    I bought Folavril blind, because it's hard to resist grabbing a bargain Goutal. My initial impression was that F isn't readily distinguishable from other Goutals featuring citrus, herbal, green and tomato stem notes.

    However, I just sprayed some Folavril on my arm to smell it properly and - quelle horreur! - it's like I've rubbed a damp handful of laundry detergent powder into my skin. The sour-detergent smell is particularly obvious with my nose directly over the sprayed area. I'm sure it smells like an actual detergent I've encountered which has an intense fake-lemon note.

    My eyes were starting to redden, so I tried washing Folaril off my arm, but even soap wouldn't budge the detergent note. Tenacious stuff!

    Having said all the above, Folavril's general sillage is actually quite lovely (the offending detergent note must have limited projection), so I'm thinking that this *could* be OK if sprayed only on the lower half of my body.

    24th September, 2011

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