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    Ambre Noir by Sonoma Scent Studio

    My Ambre Noir experience diary:

    At spray: Wow! Sweetness blast! Honey, sugar, candy Amber.

    5/10 mins. in: Prickly! What's that? Pepper? Peppered Candy! Fun! A little gritty/flinty/crunchy

    30 mins. in: Balance. Zen beauty. Rich amber with a peppery lift, flinty pencil shaving base.

    1 hour: Pepper fading, Pencils growing. Clear modern woods. A touch Ormonde Jayne.

    2 hour: Pepper gone, woods keep blooming, growing colder, impersonal, loosing interest.

    4 hour: Harsh modern synth-like drydown. Dull. Chemical woods. Memory of amber fading.

    6 hour: Faint tickle: pepper, amber, woods,

    Conclusion: It seems to be a good quality product. For the most part it has a good balance and the 30 min. to 1 hour span is lovely. The modern woods seem cold and impersonal to me, lacking character or individuality. I'm not wear it, it's not wearing me, we're just somewhat adjacent each other.

    Recommendation: Support independent perfumers! Buy some and judge for yourself!

    24th September, 2011

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