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    Forest Rain by Kiehl's

    It was the name that urged me to buy a sample of Forest Rain. It sounded so lush and green that I couldn't possibly resist the temptation. Forest Rain turned out to be all that I expected and more.

    The moment I applied Forest Rain to my wrist, I exclaimed with deep satisfication, "yum!" To my nose it's a combination of musky greeness, a dew-like sweetness and an elaborate bouquet of big, white lillies.

    I feel very feminine and pretty while wearing this, however it has an interesting warmth once settled, that makes me feel very in touch with the earth, somewhat like a hippy. It exudes this strange bohemian aura, and while I'm not very bohemian myself, it awakens the creativeness in me.

    The scent tends to envelope you, it becomes you. I can't imagine this fragrance offending anyone. From a distance Forest Rain smells clean and soapy. This fragrance actually reminds me of Spring.

    The sillage and lasting strength are amazing. I was so enraptured by this fragrance that I added it to my wishlist in a matter of seconds, without even waiting for the development.

    Although I recommend this fragrance for Spring and Summer, I'm currently wearing Forest Rain on a cold and rainy Winter's day and it wears considerably well in such weather.

    24th September, 2011

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