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    Incense Rosé by Tauer

    Incense Rose is an absolute treat. It's a rather rich, smokey take on the scent of incense and rose, with a touch of strong, resinous cedar and amber.

    I'll start by saying that Incense Rose can be unisex. The intense woodsy notes makes this perfect for men due to its somewhat masculine qualities.

    This fragrance does tend to be cloying, however I like my scents strong and powerful. From the very opening, Incense Rose hits you with its massive sillage.

    The top notes are mostly a mixture of intense earthiness, fruity clementine and tart-like rose. As it settles, the earthiness takes on a rather green-like approach, almost mossy in a sense, and the incense appears.

    The incense is of the burning kind. Smokey, exotic and smooth. When placed alongside the rose note, the incense blends well, creating an atmosphere that does remind me of a bohemian trinket shop.

    I'm a rather creative type of person, very much influenced by art, theatre and music. Therefore I feel as if Incense Rose captures this side of me perfectly. Richly exotic and heady scents describe my career industry well, especially the wild side of it.

    Both this fragrance and Heeley's Cardinal have some similarities, however I much prefer Incense Rose for its feminine nature.

    For those that love incense, you will most likely enjoy this, however for those that are rose lovers, this may or may not appeal to you. Regardless of your tastes, this fragrance should be tried.

    24th September, 2011

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