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    Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana

    My mother recieved this bottle for her birthday and I was very curious about what it would smell like. I really like to share my opinions with her.

    Since I have never smelled a dolche & gabbana fragrance before, I was intreged but once I smelled it I was very disappointed and so was my mother!

    At the beginning I gave it a chance; it wasn't that horible since I could detect some notes that were slightly intresting. It changed very quickly into a generic (?), boring soapy toilet cleaner smell.. How other people smell sofistication in this one is really not what I would agree with. It smells rather cheap. My mother has 3 euro perfumes that smell muuuch better than this one.

    The box looks very classy but what is inside is just poorly made... I don't know it just doesn't smell good and I am sure there are much better perfumes for women than this one. My mother said she will give it to my grandmother, because to her it smelled like old lady perfume. Honestly I think it would stink on my grandmother too.

    yes I put some on my hand and the smell almost made me feel sick!

    I wouldn't recommend this at al!

    25th September, 2011

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