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    Vanille Tonka by Nicolaï

    Vanille Tonka Experience Diary:

    At Spray: What lovely limes! So luscious! So bright and fresh!

    1 min. in: Well, that's done. No surprise, citrus seldom lasts but it was delightful

    1min. in continued: Where is everybody? There's a party somewhere, but not here.

    5 mins. in: Two parties! A top notes party (sweet) and a base notes party (dry) no blend.

    15 mins in: Now we've got mingling! Par-tay! Great quality ingredients and balance!

    30 mins. in: Beautiful silage: A golden song of Orange blossom and Vanilla.

    1 hour in: What's that dusty bit on skin? Growing... growing... not to my taste...

    2 hours in: It's the cinnamon! not loud but inescapable. tainting everything...

    3 hours in: Everything fading. Sickish cinnamon going with the rest. fading.

    4 hours in: Largely gone-- what a ride!

    Conclusion: Beautiful structure, beautiful citrus top note, beautiful silage (possibly the best I've ever smelt) but the cinnamon (dusty, hot, throat-closing) doesn't sit well with me. Pervades the fragrance and makes it a (regretted) no go.

    Recommendation Recommendation Try more PdN work pronto!

    25th September, 2011

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