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    Burberry Body by Burberry

    Interestingly, completely disagree, check out my post on the forum. I thought I would dislike this scent but have fallen in love with it exactly for the reason that I have found it completely unique and very defining, a scent which is hard to forget like the lady who is wearing it, this is how I would put it.

    The Intense version is what I own and the one I much prefer though still think the regular version is nice as well. Although I am normally a musky, oriental perfume person I just could not pass on this one; even though different from what I normally wear this is probably the sexiest perfume I have smelled to date. When I tried it everyone asked me what I was wearing and after sampling it for three days in a row I had to grab it right away. It is definitely my HG date perfume.

    I would define it as a warm scent with a definite musky base but flowers and a bit of fruit in the mix though thankfully not too much fruit as I despise definitely fruity scents. Although yes a bit retro in going back to certain trends of the 90's and definitely not in line with the natural trends of the days (which may be why some are giving it negative reviews), still a completely unique combination. Of course every new perfume will have notes that remind us of certain scents of the past, that is a given so in that way it is impossible to create something unique but as much as possible Burberry did it, made it extremely sexy and yet very wearable.

    26th September, 2011

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