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    Gotham by Neil Morris Fragrances

    Finally i've tried this mysterious fragrance whose the evocative name, the colour of the juice, the aroused aura and relative reviews were thrilling me by months. Gotham exudes the arcane, camphoraceous, sinister smell of a late afternoon in an old medieval town. The general atmosphere is gothic even if oddly contemporary. The darkness is not obscurity in here but the shadow of an overcast sky. The smell is very intense, leathery, rosey and woodsy (i would say better that i detect some similarities with thesmell of some mold, mushrooms, truffles or anyway with the smell of umid, stuffy, claustrophobic, mildewed subterraneous cellars). I don't detect black pepper or better i smell some spiciness and saltiness but not the initial pungency of pepper. I agree who with writes about indolic floral smell from the duo rose-narcissus. I detect in the dry down that sort of smouldering incensey-boise' kind of smell proper of the chord of strong amber, olibanum, labdanum, musk and leather. On this sphere i notice a certain similarity with the Mazzolari fragrances which anyway use to be more smouldering and brewing than Gotham. A very well made creation, with excellent projection and longevity, with averagely natural ingredients and with a captivating strange "vintage-modern" temperament.

    29th September, 2011

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