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    Y by Yves Saint Laurent

    I thought I was in love with this fragrance when I smelled it in the bottle, but unfortunately it's another one of those perfumes that I don't care for as much when I actually smell it on me. It's not really a bad fragrance, but it's definitely a perfume I have to be "in the right mood for." If I'm slightly cranky (like I am today LOL) this scent doesn't really do anything to pick me up. It is a very sweet green floral (think tuberose and lily of the valley..both are really dominant.) I don't necessarily hate that type of perfume, but it's not necessarily my favorite thing either. This one also contains a lot of aldehydes giving it that really "soapy" kind of smell. Honestly, I can see this being a perfume that people at the office might complain about if a woman wore it to work (and perhaps if she accidentally spritzed too much on.)
    Of course, if you love the type of fragrance I'm describing here (both very sweet and very green with lots of floral aldehydes) then you'll probably love this.
    Otherwise, you might want to pass.

    04th October, 2011

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