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    Pal Zileri Sartoriale by Pal Zileri

    This olfactory complement to Pal Zileri's new "Sartoriale" luxury line of menswear disappeared rather quickly from the shelves, probably failing due to the weakness of the brand name in the fragrance world coupled with the scent's lack of originality. It tries to evoke sartoriality by combining soft florals typical of classic gentleman's fragrances (violet, muguet, rose) with a nice but rather stereotypical base of soft incensy woods built from popular molecules such as cashmeran and iso-e-super. The result is low key and really does go very well with an understated cashmere suit or blazer. I actually consider its lightness an advantage, as an amped up base would probably turn shrill and cheap at this budget (the producer Mavive, best known perhaps for owning the Pino Silvestre brand, does not work in high end territory). I picked this up at a UK discounter for mere 10 quid and soley in the context of some research on sartorial fragrances, but it's a nice wear on occasion and delivers with more taste what a lot of pseudo-niche lines charge an insane price for.

    05th October, 2011

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