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    Les Nombres d'Or : Oudh Osmanthus / Oud by Mona di Orio

    Mona Di Orio's Oud is quite a complex composition but if you approach it expecting the usual sweet-medicinal accord that's typical of many occidental ouds you'll be seriously disappointed.

    Oud's opening seems relatively fresh/transparent with citruses and osmanthus surrounded by a remarkable woody vibe. The oud is there but is enhanced in its complex "woody-freshness". The fragrance gradually evolves and darkens towards the drydown that is when the oud starts to seriously bite merging perfectly with ambergis and musk. In the latest phases the fragrance get bolder, deeper and, somehow, closer to the pungent oud we westerners are used to but still nowhere similar to Montale's or whatever occidental oud I have experienced.

    IMO this is a solid composition and, possibly, one of the most realistic "occidental ouds" around but it seems that for the same price you can buy some real oud oil, and we all know that nothing is like the real thing. Extremely pricey.

    07th October, 2011

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