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    Esprit de Cuir by Auguste

    This fragrance wears close to the skin.
    it's a unique subtle scent ...
    Rich and complex..
    that lingers and fades and then appears
    bringing a smile on my face ..
    like a forgotten memory...of someone or someplace

    Because a perfume speaks to the heart,
    not to the mind.

    Homais, in "Madame Bovary", says "Perfume is to stupefy the senses and to bring on ecstasies".

    this scent does that.... Quietly & Privately
    I recently procured a sample from
    This fragrance is soooo out of my price league...
    245.00 for 40ml
    but one can dream a little ...
    Thanks to a sample vial.

    Oranges and Carnations hit my nose first
    followed by a clever mix of floral (Jasmine) and Birch wood notes...
    A wonderful rich leather scent as a base.

    Soft and deep, mysterious and sophisticated.

    I've got to have this!!!

    08th October, 2011

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