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    Isfarkand by Ormonde Jayne

    i have to say, i don't get it! but then again, i find most ormonde jayne perfumes a bit strange. i am quite lucky in the sense that i work just around the corner from her boutique on old bond street and the shop assistants know me well after buying 'orris noir' for my wife following a 2hrs assault on the shop assistant's knowledge. i do go in from time to time and they are kind enough to offer me samples but i can never get my head around their perfumes. firstly, i find even the so called 'male' perfumes that ormonde jayne has to offer more on the 'unisex' side. maybe i'm a bit more traditional like that but i think they smell much better on women. isfarkand on me smells a bit like rubber and plastic, just behind the bergamot and vetiver notes. i'm wearing it right now, it's a warm, 21C, sunny london afternoon (i know, shocking) and even though it's wearable and it has a good longevity (sprayed about 4hrs ago), i cannot make my mind about it. i'm inside the house in my pyjamas, maybe that's why, maybe i should wear a suit or some 'elegant' clothes and be 'out and about' or maybe it's the weather. i'll give it another try tomorrow when surely it will be raining.

    09th October, 2011

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