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    Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

    After such a high note that Gucci PH struck, naming a frag GPH II it was asking for trouble. Could it ever live up to the original? Does it live up to it? In a word, no. GPH II tries to approximate so many men's fragrance trends of late into one weak and short-lived formula. Yes, there is violet, tea, pepper and cinnamon but it all smells rather cheap, kind of like not much money was put into it. At times, you wonder whether the perfumer took a big vat and dumped Narciso for Men, Bulgari PH and HeWood into it and called it day... or GPH II. There are many better tea-based frags on the market than this.

    GPH II is a yet another signpost on the road as to how dire Gucci's mens frags and mens' frags in general have become. Gucci PH and Envy for Men along with Rush for Men were tantalizing and ground-breaking, guided by Tom Ford. Well, Tommy's got his own house now and Gucci's house is standing on a deck of cards. Disappointment continues.

    10th October, 2011

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