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    Alliage by Estée Lauder

    New to perfumes (so much wasted time), I'm still learning what I like and the vocabulary to express it.

    I have a current formulation and a partial mini of 70's vintage.
    The vintage is so much better, surprise huh? On the vintage the nose biters (aldehydes?) fade quickly revealing a mossy, herbal, delightfully woody scent with citrus tops notes and a very subdued slightly powdery base with just a hint of sweet. The wood reminds me of douglas fir pitch, warm, aromatic with a slight sharpness.
    Lord, I wish they would re-release this and sell it to men and save them from smelling like Krispy Kreme counter boys.
    The newer formulation?
    On it's own, it's alright. The resemblance is there but there's a flatness and kind of a musty, sourness to it with just a slight hit of just wrong. It's a dish cooked with poor ingredients and a dash of contempt for the diner.
    I've got to get a full bottle of the vintage. I love this stuff.

    11th October, 2011

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