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    Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

    When this came out back in 2000 it was totally revolutionary and I'm not talking about the provocative marketing concept behind the fragrance notes, but the scent itself. It was incredibly recognizable, unique and absolutely stunning. I always try to avoid hypes but couldn't resist Odeur 71. In the end, we can spend a lot of words and time talking about really well crafted fragrances, filled with top quality ingredients, and super professionaly balanced aromas but we should never forget that first of all, a perfume has to give you sensations and feelings and whether you'll like CDG's Odeur 71 or not, it won't leave you indifferent. My suggestion would be, just for one time, to try to avoid any description, comment, notes pyramid and and just smell.

    A very distinctive mix of clean incense with a minty vibe and a strong xerox-toner note. Abstract and airy. An all time favourite.

    Also, this is one of those scent that really needs to be collocated in its historical period to be properly appreciated. It surely belongs to the chemicals fragrances family, modern in a "contrapposition mode" to the classic, provocative and avanguardist, unconventional, but you can appreciate Odeur 71 and at the same time go mad for a Santa Maria Novella's original scent from the early 700. It was one of the first "barrier-braking" scent to (almost) make the cross-over from niche perfumery to the mass market as it became an huge cult for a whole generation.

    05th March, 2011 (Last Edited: 14th October, 2011)

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