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    Aoud Gourmet by Martine Micallef

    At my first testing the aoud came across primarily as an aromatic background to a caramel-sweet foreground. The more often Iíve tested Aoud Gourmet, the more aoud and the less caramel I get. Iím happy with the direction the fragrance took. The aoud note never becomes strongly impactful, but it has come to dominate over the sweet accord of honey, sugar, marzipan in the opening. Itís a civilized aoudÖ (or neutered, depending on how one feels about that particular note). As to the other notes listed in the top two levels of the pyramid, I am barely aware that patchouli, cedar, nutmeg, musk are present. If the pyramid notes actually ARE there, they are incorporated into the sweet / aoud accords seamlessly. This is a highly refined fragrance.

    From my description, Aoud Gourmand doesnít seem very interesting or complex... But it is much better than my weak description of it would indicate. In the actual wearing, AG sends off a sillage that is a lightly exotic and comfortably sweet. The soft sillage is quite enjoyable as it disperses its occasional wisps of mystery. Itís an easy wear and has quite good longevity.

    16th October, 2011

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