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    L'Eau by Diptyque

    As a lover of cinnamon and spicy scents, this one was always on my radar, even before I bought a full bottle. I remember reading the glowing review it got in Perfumes: The Guide and that was all the prompting I needed to spring for a bottle when I was at the Diptyque store in NYC.

    After having worn the scent for almost a year now, I finally understand where this fragrance is coming from. Basically it's a spiced rose scent, evoking the smell of dried flower petals, woods and barks - basically potpourri. Of course, many people find the smell of potpourri a bit 'cheap' or matronly. Not me. To me it perfectly captures a feeling of comfort. A warm room that you step into, from the cold. A cup of hot tea, spiced, warm in your hands. The way your kitchen smells a couple of hours after you've baked a dessert. These sort of images.

    It took a while for me to 'get' the rose, but it's definitely there. Subtle, so that when it blends with the clove, it almost becomes a spicy rose scent rather than just a spicy scent. I find it lasts and last when I over apply it just a bit.

    Of course there are a ton of other spicy scents, many of which are much more complex and balanced than L'Eau. I hope to explore all of them, but in the meantime L'Eau is more than satisfying.

    19th October, 2011

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