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    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    While this isn't for the young and the teenie boopers, all I can say is I love this fragrance. It starts out with a strong lipstick/makeup vibe with hints of cocoa, that tones down to a powdery/floral vibe with hints of pears, and lipstick. Projection and sillage is about average.

    The only negative aspect of this fragrance is that it can be almost too feminine, b/c of the lipstick/makeup vibe, and the smell of babypowder doesn't help either. The cocoa is there to make it more masculine, but I find that note to be fleeing at best. Their isn't anything animalistic about it. Its a very beautiful scent, almost too beautiful. If they made it more animalistic, it would be perfect. This fragrance wouldn't be out of place on a women's skin either. As someone said in a earlier review, its "enchanting". It truly is.

    Many people will compare this to YSL La Nuit, and other being in the same genre, its totally different. I would say YSL is easier to pull of with someone younger, and DHI for someone older. Overall, DHI isn't as sweet or as floral as YSL, and DHI smells cleaner to the nose. YSL has more going on in terms of notes, but DHI is smoother and a better quality fragrance, especially in the transition from topnotes, to middle, to basenotes, etc.

    With that said, DHI is more versatile, can be worn almost anywhere. YSL can also be worn anytime, but its more suited at night b/c of the sweetness. I own both and love both. If I can only own one, it would be DHI.

    20th October, 2011

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