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    Eau du Ciel by Annick Goutal

    This was not love at first whiff for me. But slowly but surely it has become one of my favorites.

    I understand what some reviewers mean by saying it makes them feel like they are 12-- it does remind me of a boxed set of child's colognes I got when I was 7. There is a kind of innocence to it-- it is not a sultry seductive fragrance by any stretch. There is not much sex in the dry down.

    What it is though is a beautiful linden scent. Honestly, I do not get the violet as an isolated note. For the longest time, because of the description, I thought it was heliochrysum-- a kind of "hay" scent. But slowly I have come to realize that it is a good quality linden extract. And it is almost a solifleur, if inden is considered a flower. It is sweet, distinctive, light and uncomplicated. And it lasts quite a long time for me, compared with most goutals. I wear it to work and I love it dearly.

    If you love linden, give this one a try. You might not know it is in there if you just look at the descripotion, which mentions violet and hay.

    I am concerned, however, because it has become hard to find and when you do find it, you have to pay full price to get it because otherwise it is always out of stock. I wonder if they are reformulating it?

    26th October, 2011

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