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    Essential by Lacoste

    A rather pleasant floral/citrus fragrance, with a slight aquatic touch. Different than your typical AdG mockeries; no melons here.

    Essential opens up with a fantastic noticeable tangerine note, which immediately reminds me of Clinique Happy. After about 20 minutes or so, the tangerine dies down, a tangy-ness from the tomato leaf and pepper come out in the middle, as well as some florals, and a hidden calone note in the background. Base notes emphasize on the woods for the most part, soft, and slightly floral to the end.

    Longevity for me is about 6 hours, with it sitting very close to the skin in the last 3 hours. I would say this is a more in depth take on Happy for Men. Take Happy, mix it with a little bit of Bvlgari Aqva, and voila! Lacoste Essential, is a more enjoyable Summer scent. Light and refreshing, yet has its own character.

    27th October, 2011

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