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    Amber & Lavender by Jo Malone

    I reviewed Amber & Lavender two years ago and I've decided to review it again.

    I just came back from an out of town funeral for an uncle and I wore Amber & Lavender to the visitation. People always want to know what scents, if any, are appropriate for funerals. Some people think that one should not wear a fragrance.

    I think that given the correct choice of fragrance, and moderate application, a certain aura of strength and respect can be communicated-- A bracing quality that others can lean on for comfort and familiarity in times of loss.

    Jo Malone's Amber & Lavender is that perfect fragrance if ever one was created. It smells formal, but it isn't loud and narcissistic. It doesn't smell like clubbing cologne. It just radiates a tradional stoic dressed up masculine presence. It's just as minimalist as it needs to be. It just says two things, "I'm a man, and I'm here for you." Also, because of this, it would also be the ideal cologne to wear at one's own wedding. It just emanates a really basic trustworthiness that enhances ones own virtues. It doesn't make the wearer feel like a vain empty opportunist on the make--rather if you read his mind it would say "I'm a content and happy man, and I do not want what i haven't got." And by the way, women love that in a man.

    Perfect in every way. This stuff really glows.

    27th January, 2005 (Last Edited: 24th March, 2007)

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