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    Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

    I avoided this perfume for years because so many people were raving about it--people who wouldn't give the time of day to classic fragrances. It wasn't fair of me, I'll admit. Plus, the name "Juicy" made me think of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum, and my opinion of this perfume suffered as a result of that connotation. Indeed, it is a fruity floral, a genre that used to make me run in terror, as if possessed of demons shouting, "You're too old! Go wear Old Lady Perfume!" (which, by the way, I like). So, today, I sprayed myself with both Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy. I didn't like the flanker, and the original struck me as just another fruity floral until a few minutes in, when the honeysuckle stepped to the forefront, and it became more floral. Juicy Couture is a tangerine honeysuckle flower shop. And that's not bad--it's just not my particular style. I no longer disparage this fragrance. It's good for its genre.

    01st November, 2011

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