Fragrances at the gym

  1. davant123
    I am a lover of fragrances, however I have run into a few people at the gym that usually smell quite lovely I am sure...however when the perfume is heated up on the skin as when doing exercise it can turn into something else entirley !!! I was wandering if this happens to myself, or can someone suggest a mens fragrance that is made to wear while working out at the gym. I was thinking the new Guerlain Homme? or Habit Rouge?
  2. aldo milani
    aldo milani
    I have the same problem.
    Not many people like any fragance at the Gym.
    I think , it would be a MUST, firstly, a neutral deodorant.
    Normally I wear or Habit Rouge or Eau du Guerlain in the hair.
    Just 2 spritz in the head .
    I think doing this way we receive only cmpliments. It makes we smell clean...
  3. EdwardBenton
    Vetiver or Homme EDP
  4. mrclmind
    Guerlain Homme l'eau...
  5. Francolino
    Habit Rouge is da bomb!!!
  6. tempest moon
    tempest moon
    I once wore Shalimar to the gym (in eau de cologne concentration). The guys I was riding with in the car said: "dude... are you wearing perfume?" hahaha

    But honestly, be careful what you spray on before gym, I once wore Chanel Cristalle eau de toilette to the gym and I swear I could smell pickles!
  7. unca fibre
    unca fibre
    Vetiver Extreme
  8. Zowiee
    Just my two cents, don't wear any fragrance, as it does magnify and often changes with your sweat. Save the fragrance for after you shower and cool down.
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