NIche Boutique?

  1. thatsmr2usir
    Does anyone know of thee best niche boutique within the Midwest? I was thinking maybe somewhere in or around Chicago?!
  2. Beano1551
    The closest thing would be Barney's in Chicago
  3. bassplayer7770
    I visited Merz Apothecary (Q Brothers) while I was in Chicago in January, and they have a solid collection of mostly if not entirely niche fragrances. I know there is also Indigo Perfumery up near Cleveland.
  4. Kiliwia
    Maybe this will help those looking for niche in Chicago.
  5. Janjanjan
    Indigo Perfumery in Cleveland, OH is wonderful. I live in Columbus and try to make a day trip of it every 3 months or so. Great selection of niche and indie scents. The city also has nice places (West Side Market, Ohio City) to get a meal.

    In Cleveland, Merchant & Rhodes barbers have several lines. Mostly masculines but I bought a unisex Heeley perfume from their online store:
  6. TooBIG
    not much here in michigan just your perfume stores. But I know what I'm doing the next time I got to vegas beside gambling. Visiting a bunch of them. Creed, Dior and many others.
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