Step Closer to my Wedding Day Scent! And Needs opinion/help

  1. SymbianBlack
    Guys I'm one step Closer! I just tried Chanel Pour Monsieur, Serge Lutens Chergui, New Havane, Musc Ravaguer, Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver, and New Haarlem. Out of all of these Pour Monsieur took me by surprise with Grey Vetiver being right behind.

    I'll speak on Musc Ravanguer, Serge, and NH being that there the most discussed out of my samples. They are ALL well made but just not appropriate for a wedding day. Ravanguer is the grown man gormound to New Haarlem and Serge is the winter work horse which to me kinda took over on the heavy side. (And no Musc Rav IS NOT sex in a bottle LOL I don't know WHO in the f@^& said that. Its a GREAT sweater scent IMO)

    Pour Monsieur Really left and impression on me so did Grey Vetiver. So I am getting closer!

    Now the Help that I need. What are some Bond No. 9 scents YOU recommend for a wedding day?

    Edit: I have Dior Homme and its my goto Signature scent as of right now but being the Mrs's to be already smelled it plenty I have to scratch it off the list LOL
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