Moods by Krizia

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  1. AromiErotici
    1989 Woody Chypre. Sharp opening with ginger and pimento in the heartnotes coming front and center quickly.

    The citrus in the top notes seem to have a hard time getting a foothold. Rose doesn't waste much time either making a showing ensuring the mids win this battle.

    I would have loved the cedar to be more dominant once the base gets hold. It's just too subtle and has me wondering about the Woody category. Even well after the scent should be into drydown, I still smell the middle accord.

    Moods Uomo has good sillage and longevity, but I can't say I care for it much anymore. I guess I'm not a rose dominate scent lover.
  2. scentimus
    I did like this one but I just could not get it to last on my skin
  3. AromiErotici
    I had no problem with longevity with this. There is a note in this juice that's "fuzzy" or "prickly" ( I know....bad description ), but it's this note or collaboration of notes that is off-putting to me.

    Earlier, I thought it was rose, but I doubt that now after thinking it through. Other frags with either dominant or subordinate rose are likable to me, so I am unsure what it is about this scent that's unsettling.
  4. shamu1
    I love rose scents, particularly when the rose is blended with patchouli. Is this the case with Moods?

    I think I might buy this one blind. Even though it's dc'd, I've seen it priced very reasonably on the net.
  5. shamu1
    Just got a bottle of this juice. This is great stuff. Aromi, I agree with your initial impressions of Moods - this is definitely a rose dominated scent with a patchouli base. Not a typical powerhouse because I think it's more refined than a lot of other 80s stuff, but its got enough sillage and longevity to qualify.
  6. Sugandaraja
    This sounds interesting. I like the rose/ginger as a combination in a number of fragrances I already know - for example Penhaglion's Elixir and Tocca's Brigitte.
  7. shamu1
    I can't say I' smell any ginger, but then again, I'm not great at picking out notes in fragrances all the time. I smell more of a rose and patchouli accord. It's a beautiful scent, and long lasting. I just wrote a review of it.
  8. shamu1
    I thought I'd bump this thread to the front, since there's been lots of talk recently about rose & patch scents. Moods is at a dead tie w/Zino (R.I.P.) for my favorite scent containing my favorite accord.

    Moods is ultra-smooth from start to finish, unlike Zino, which screams out of the bottle initially then cools down significantly. It starts with a strong warm tobacco note, which fades after about a half hour, revealing the rose and patchouli. It's hard to say whether the rose or the patchouli is more prominent because they are so perfectly blended, as if they create a new single fragrance note.

    Moods was criminally discontinued, but thankfully it's still pretty easy to find online, and is still inexpensive. Smells expensive though. A five-star fragrance for sure.
  9. shamu1
    double post
  10. SillageMonger
    Please tell us, Shamu, that in your last post, the reference immediately following Zino (i.e.,"R.I.P.") does not indicate that Zino has been discontinued.
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