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  1. shamu1
    Unfortunately, yes. On Tuesday, Davidoff announced that they are discontinuing all of their scents, except Cool Water(yawn...), that were released before 2003. This includes Zino.

    Time to start the hoarding.
  2. shamu1
    I wore Moods today, and it finally hit me - Moods basically is Azzaro Pour Homme with rose added. How awesome is that?!

    Like Azzaro PH, it doesn't kill you with brutal spiciness - its powerhouse ways come from the warm, rich cloud of scent that envelops you for hours. On my skin, Moods projects pretty far.

    So any of you guys who haven't yet tried this and are fans of Azzaro Pour Homme (perfaddict and seasoldiermarine I hope you're reading this) and like rose, you gotta try this. It's still cheap online, so it's worth a blind buy (I bought mine blind).
  3. SillageMonger
    My bottle of Moods Uomo arrived at my house yesterday. I can hardly wait to try it out after I get home tomorrow night. It is a blind buy, but I feel relatively certain that I'm going to love it. I will report back soon on this one!

    Hooked on the Rose & Patchouli accord ever since Zino Davidoff!!!
  4. shamu1
    I'd be surprise if you didn't really like it, SM. It is the smoothest scent I own, out of a collection of about 120 different full bottles. It doesn't really smell like Zino. It is a lot smoother than Zino, and it has a dry hint of tobacco. Personally I find Moods to be a powerhouse, but a refined powerhouse. It has much bigger sillage than Zino, about the same longevity. It's not brash or rough at all, but it rather exudes the same calm, confident attitude that Giorgio For Men does, and I consider Giorgio to be an extremely smooth scent.
  5. SillageMonger
    Well....I gave Moods Uomo a full day's wear at work a couple of days ago, and I must say that this is a very strong, very refined fragrance. It is stronger and has better projection than Zino Davidoff, and while the Rose and Patchouli accord is fairly similar in both fragrances, Moods is a bit brighter in its opening due to the inclusion of Ginger, which I detect in a very well-balanced amount. Actually, I prefer Zino Davidoff. Zino wears closer to the skin, and the rose/patchouli accord (which I now consider to be one of my favorite accords [thanks, shamu!]) is darker and has better longevity than Moods. Even though Moods is initially stronger than Zino, Zino lasts longer on my skin. I therefore must conclude that while Moods is excellent, and it definitely already has an esteemed place in my wardrobe, the 5 to 7 hour longevity declassifies it as a powerhouse, in my opinion. (continued........)
  6. SillageMonger
    I find that it is similar to Azzaro pour Homme in that it seems to me to be "too-well behaved" (a term which I have used more than once, thanks to Diamondflame) to be a powerhouse. That 'edge/attitude' seems to be absent. I will say, however, that Moods Uomo is a beautiful fragrance, and one that certainly deserves recognition as a very refined 'powerhouse' runner-up, at very least. Those that disagree with me, please have at it!
  7. shamu1
    Initially when I bought Moods, I was on the fence about whether it's a powerhouse (see my early posts in this thread). But since then, I've changed my mind. I get very good longevity and sillage from it. I can still smell it on myself a good 8 to 10 hours later, which is good in my book. As I mentioned earlier, I put Moods in a category that I would call "Super Smooth Powerhouses" along with Giorgio For Men and KL Homme. It's also got enough attitude in my book to qualify. It's not a monster by any means, but I think it passes muster.

    I remember Dimitrios posting in the men's forum that he's also a big fan of Moods. What's your verdict on this one, Dimitrios?
  8. Slayerized

    Just read this thread. You wrote about this scent as being Azzaro ph with a rose scent. Does that mean it's similar to Azzaro Acteur which is a little like ph as well but with a (tea) rose added?!
  9. Derbyman
    I agree that Krizia Moods Uomo has got the same type of vibe as Azzaro PH and Giorgio for Men - the warm, ethereal glow effect - and it has a fair amount of rose but, in my opinion, it's nothing like Acteur (which I wear quite a bit). Acteur has a slightly sweet (fruity) undertone, more like a less dusty, spicy Zino, whereas Moods is refined and indeed, 'super smooth'. Personally I get the tobacco in the drydown more than the rose. I feel my earlier remark about Moods has just confused things for you!!!! Sorry! If you like Tobacco/Rose go for the Moods, if you like Pine/Herbal go for the Krizia Uomo - you won't be disappointed whichever you choose - they're both A1 frags.
  10. Slayerized

    Nah u didn't really confuse me, but I just wanted to know what kind of rose it was. I also have Acteur and like it very much, though I like the drydown of Zino (and its rose note) and Giorgio even better! Indeed smooth but still heavy and manly! As you probably already read in the other thread I made my choice and Krizia Moods it is and has been ordered (together with H Z-14) already! Thanks again!
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