Moods by Krizia

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  1. Derbyman
    Hope you like it! I don't want to be Slayerized!!!!!!!!!
  2. Slayerized
    If I don't like it I'll slayerize u all over with Bijan for men! lol
  3. shamu1
    Moods is the balls. I've got three bottles of it, that's how big a fan I am of Moods. I agree with Derby that tobacco is the predominant note, but everything's so perfectly blended - the rose, leather, moss, patchouli - you don't really smell any one note sticking out. It's the smoothest powerscent I own.

    I don't smell much similarity to Acteur, where the rose hits you in the face like a brick. Acteur is great, but I think Moods is a lot better because it's better balanced.
  4. Slayerized
    Yeah, I already understood that it's more the rose like in Zino, which I also own and really adore! (you really can get Zino here everywhere for cheap prices, 125 ml.........but it's probably a sign of discontinuation anyway, though this is already going on for almost two years now................guess noone here buys Zino!) anyway, I am getting more and more curious now as Acteur which I also own is really well blended in my opinion and is considered to be like a top niche scent in smell etc., though I like the rose more in Zino than in Acteur which is more tea-like and gets after a macho opening way more softer and more smooth and less macho, while Zino keeps on screaming masculanity. Ah well, maybe it doesn't make any sense what I am saying as there is no vanilla in Acteur mixed with the rose as there is in Zino. Can't wait for moods to try!
  5. Slayerized
    @Shamu, me again, with 1 more question about Moods................

    How come that (after reading all reviews, threads etc.) that eg. u say u get 24 hrs longevity (which is a lot!) and one reviewer writes about 3 hours and others write about short longevity as well?
    Quite a big difference to me in some reviews regarding longevity. Is this all "dry-skin-related"?
  6. Derbyman
    Hi Slayerized - just thought I'd chip in. I can also testify that Moods lasts a long time - I wore it for a long day a couple of weeks ago. I applied 3 or 4 good splashes from my mini 5ml bottle at around 9am and by around 8pm when I changed and showered I could still smell it strongly. When I washed my shirt a few days later it still smelled of Moods - mainly the tobacco & patchouli!
  7. koala501
    I've never been able to get along with Moods. To me the notes are very 'screetchy', grinding against each other on my skin and it makes me feel a bit ill. I don't know quite what it is about this one but it's not for me. I've tried a few times but I may have to walk away from it.
  8. shamu1
    I don't know why it lasts so long for me. I guess it's either skin type or my sense of smell. Granted, it doesn't smell strong after like 4 hours, but I can still smell it for about 24 hours. It's just not super strong after a while; that doesn't mean I can't still smell it.

    Get this too: there are some frags that give me terrible longevity but last a good while for others. Eau Sauvage, e.g., is one of my favorites, but I can't smell it at all after an hour or two. I've read posts from other BN'ers who say they can smell it all day with like 3 or 4 sprays. Go figure.
  9. Slayerized
    As far as I know Eau Sauvage is really well known for its bad longevity by almost all Basenoters (max 5 hrs) but is compensated by its fine sophisticated smell.
  10. Slayerized
    Just received my Krizia Moods this morning!
    It's the 100 ml splash bottle as only the 50 ml here goes with a spray. I chose the 100 ml splash as it was exact the same price as the 50 ml spray.
    Splashed some on my arm a few hrs ago and to me the fragrance is really smooth and earthty with definite patchouli and tobacco notes. In the vibe of Fahrenheit (which I never owned but know the smell of) without the gasoline. It's a pretty close scent but it's there. The first minute of the opening reminded me of a little softer version of Bogart's Witness. To be continued.
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