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  1. Derbyman
    Phew! Glad you like it - let us know how you find the longevity - I've found it to last VERY well (and Shamu's reviews suggest he finds it pretty good too - 24hrs!!)
  2. shamu1
    It's a hard frag not to like. It is super smooth, but I still consider it a powerhouse. I get big sillage from it, and to me it smells like it fits right in with all the other 80s monsters, even if it is more refined.
  3. Slayerized
    Doesn't seem to last that long on me at this moment. After a shower at the end of the afternoon I took like big 5 splashes and put all on my neck (4x), chest (1x) and a big one on my arm. 1.5 hrs later my girlfriend can still smell it around my neck, though close but I cannot detect anything at all from my arm anymore, neither can she! I had the same with Dsquared Rocky Mountain Wood, which didn't last at all on me after first applications, but grew on me (or my nose) when I wore it more often and now I got like 5/6 hrs of it. I also had this with Witness and Moschino Uomo?. They both do fine now, time after time again when I wear those. I don't know what it is with me but I am sure it isn't oilfactory-fatigue but something like the scent getting used to the skin. Is that possible? (anyone?) Weird. (can also be that I was a smoker for many many years and that my nose is fucked up).
    Further on, I don't detect any form of a rose nor leather note, for me it stays pretty lineair and smells extremely earthy. As long as I can smell it myself I like it though. As I said it smells like a kind of fahrenheit to me without any gasoline note.
    It could also be that the splash bottle I got is really really old and in bad shape, I don't know.
    To be continued.
  4. Slayerized
    Seriously, my just received (old?!) splash 100 ml bottle must have gone a little bad I guess.............Has to be......damn it...........

    I tested Moods pretty serious all day and evening, even with washings inbetween and dousing myself in the stuff, using it even like aftershave, on face, arms, neck etc. and all I got was like two hrs the most in longevity of which 1 hr close to the skin and then................woooosh, it's vanished completely! Time after time again!

    The opening and first half hour is really amazingly great (top notes are ok!) and is like Shamu1 described it but then.........................close to the skin for 1.5 hrs max with just a little earthy lineair smell till it's gone. No rose, no leather to be detected at all.
    No oilfactory fatigue as my my girlfriend couldn't smell it on me (a doused neck!) either during all those tests after above mentioned periods. Too bad! (we even went outside in the garden to be able to smell it better in the freshness outside, lol)

    For me it is and works like an aftershave for 2 hrs max, but that's all there is to it for now. Will come back to this as all the above might
  5. PerfumeCollector
    The aftershave is on sale at ebay , they are asking $11.95 for the 1.7 oz. bottle, I was getting ready to buy and then I saw your entry Slayer, no longevity at all, if that is the case with the EdT, imagine how long the AS will last, so I am having doubts. Anybody cares to comment?
  6. shamu1
    I'd say don't wear it for a couple of weeks, then go back to it and see what happens. Put it on when you don't have any expectations at all.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if your splash bottle has gone bad. That's the problem with splash bottles, it's too easy for air to get inside, which can damage the fragrance. I have three bottles of Moods, one spray and two big splash bottles. The two splash bottles are for backup, so I haven't worn them yet. I'm still using my spray bottle.
  7. dwrestle
    2 of the reviews of this say it smells exactly like Cigar by Remy Latour. Do any of you guys get that comparison? I really don't get it from Shamu's review, but I have never smelled it myself. I was thinking about buying it until I read it was like Cigar so I just want to see if anyone else gets the comparison.
  8. Slayerized

    My idea was to buy a decant with an atomizer next Saturday downtown to put the stuff in and be able to spray it.
    I can also use it for Witness which is also splash and of which I read in a review/thread that people wish it had a sprayer for better overall smell and longevity.

    What about that?
  9. Derbyman
    It should DEFINITELY last longer than a couple of hours - I only have a tiny 5ml sample bottle and if I apply literally 2 or 3 drops from this it lasts 12hrs + and was still very noticable on clothing the next day!!!!
  10. Slayerized
    As I said my bottle must have gone bad as I also do not smell any rose, leather or vanilla at all, nor does my girlfriend who even started to laugh when I mentioned that there was also vanilla in it (she detects vanilla instantly).
    Only an earthy like very very soft smell, after the 30 mins opening, which vanishes after 1.5 hrs the most.
    (I will try to buy that decant atomizer anyway this Saturday)
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