Moods by Krizia

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  1. Slayerized
    Bought a cheap 5ml decant, put the "Moods" in and tried it again..............nope.................bottle must have gone bad.
    Again only some weird opening, then after 30 mins that mossy smell and 1.5 hr later all gone. No rose, vanilla, or leather to be detected.
    Wrote the website a complaint.
  2. shamu1
    I noticed that a ton of websites are selling the 100 ml. splash these days for cheap. I have to wonder if some big distributor had this enormous back inventory of the stuff, which was poorly stored, and sold it at fire sale prices to all of these online retailers. Moods was dc'ed a while ago.

    I bought two of those splash bottles, but I haven't worn them yet. Dabbing a little bit on my wrist, the juice smelled perfectly fine to me. I'll need to give it the full day testing.
  3. Slayerized
    Yeah, maybe you are right about that.
    Will keep u updated about the complaint I made. I proposed a trade or a money refund.
  4. Slayerized
    Just spoke to the sales accountant and I can keep the Krizia Moods and he proposed to either refund me the money or let me choose a new bottle.
    I chose to get Vermeil for men which was accepted and will be sent to me immediately. Very nice guy and perfect service if I may say so!
    Don't know yet what to do with this weird version of Krizia Moods now................
  5. Slayerized
    I finally got rid of my Krizia Moods 100 ml splash bottle (really hope the guy will like it as he owned moods before.....).

    I could trade it together with Cuba Black (a 10 buck 100 ml cheapie, smelling like a cheap Azzaro ph) and got myself 20 euros + vintage Dior Fahrenheit 50ml (the Silver colored limited edition from 11/12 years ago) + a 10 ml vintage mini splash bottle of Fahrenheit. Just received it and is all very ok!

    You won't hear me complain! Long live the gasoline! lol
  6. Boge
    Got a bottle of Moods by Krizia off the 'Net and it is very smooooottthhh. However, for the drydown it smells very much like Georgio BH IMO. VERY much. That is not a bad thing as I love Giorgio BH. For $25 it's a good buy, but I prefer Gerogio BH for a bit more 'Wowza!"
  7. dwrestle
    Finally bought a bottle of this hoping it's a good bottle(it's a silver cap 1.7oz spray). I hope it gets here by tuesday or wednesday.
  8. dwrestle
    I got my 1.7oz splash yesterday. I really like it a lot; it is like a much smoother better blended Cigar with rose in it. I wish they would bring this one back. I don't get why they discontinue stuff anyway. If I were a fragrance house I would do like Disney does with thier classic animated movies and bring things out of the vault every few years or so.
  9. Swanky
    Add me to the list of Moods fans. There's a smokiness to this that I love; it's similar (the smoke) to Fracas and Francesco Smalto (men's frags) but the blend with the leathery floral tone of Moods puts it into a special category. Not truly a powerhouse, but a refined genteman.
  10. essais et erreurs
    essais et erreurs
    Hi everyone,
    I purchased it blind after reading the reviews. I purchased the 100ml splash, before reading this thread and it also turned to be a dud. It dissipates in minutes.
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