Moods by Krizia

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  1. Slayerized
    Did you read all my posts in this thread?
    It was my most horrible blind buy ever! Also the 100ml splash version!
    The opening smelled like old cognac which was incredibly strong and suddenly it faded into.................nothing! 1-1.5 hours detectable at best!
    I never experienced something that strong in the opening and then completely fading that fast again, or it must be the new formulation of Zino which is horrible on longevity. I made a good deal, after calling the online seller, got Vermeil for free and could keep my Moods which I sold later to someone who I warned but never ever complained!!
  2. Francolino
    a 3.4 fl oz bottle so treaured, time warp to the mighty 80's, just a masterpiece!
  3. ericrico
    Krizia Moods Uomo is an absolutely breath-taking scent. The incredible richness - it is actually oily upon application due to its very high level of aromatic essential compounds! I have so much respect for the house of Krizia...and this is their absolute masterpiece!

    The mind-blowing opening that transcends into the elegant rose heart wrapped in golden tobacco leaf, to the drydown that lasts for 8-10+ hours on skin and literally a week on clothing...there is simply no scent like it. People get a likeness to Givenchy Gentleman - but that is only in reference to the patchouli, rose and some spices (which are actually all utilized and presented differently in Moods). I will not compare the two scents as they are each unto themselves, sheer brilliance. A distinct, masculine powerhouse that is articulate and refined.

    A bottle from Italy in 1989 - that smells, to me, like near perfection...and timeless. A "must have" in my collection. Salud!
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