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  1. odysseusm
    Notes: mandarin, lemon, pine needles, thyme, rosemary, black pepper, sandalwood, gorse.
    From the Dior Collection Privee series.
    See the BN thread:
  2. perfaddict
    Granville may just be, IMO, one of the most sophisticated pines out there. A much more refined, complex and certainly longer-lasting Blenheim bouquet, with an underlying "salty" accord which adds allure to the scent. Granville was love at first sniff. All Coneheads need to explore this Dior offering.
  3. odysseusm
    I've been wearing and using up my sample this week. I like it. I certainly see the similarity to Blenheim Bouquet, and also to the humble Pino Silvester. This is a high-quality scent, very enjoyable and herbal.
  4. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
  5. mr. reasonable
    mr. reasonable
    I think it's magnificent. Citrus, a bright thyme, rosemary, pine, gorse (!) and sandalwood, and even pepper is listed, which usually might be cause for alarm but mercifully not so here. But it's the fine print on the bottom of the cannister that made me smile - Evernia Prunastri. Doubtless adhering politely to regulations but there, nonetheless. Maybe it's my imagination but I think I can 'feel' oakmoss in a composition and in Granville there is that sense of nature, the outdoors, breathing life into things, that I love. The sandalwood? I doubt if we'll ever know but perhaps it's the real thing, I would like to think so but, either way this is a perfect journey for me, from start to finish. I, too, find it's the breezy citrus and herbal aspect that really grabs me, I don't sense pine with a capital 'p' being a lead player, more of a backdrop, part of the landscape. Beautiful.
  6. odysseusm
    Update -- I've finally acquired a bottle. I love it. It has a marvelous lemon-pine opening, quite a bit like Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. It is a refreshing, outdoorsy sort of scent. It develops into a scent which is more herbal (esp. thyme) and mossy than BB. It is very satisfying and wears very well with incredible longevity -- more than 12 hours on my skin. My one wish is that the pine lasted longer, but pine notes are notoriously short-lived in many cases.
    --- earlier review below ---
    This has a lovely Eau de Cologne opening: gorgeous citrus-herb clouds envelope you. Then, it develops into a very very high-class (even elegant) Pino Silvestre -- sturdy herbal notes with a hint of conifer. It suggests garrigue, scrubland, gorse, earth. I think the conifer notes could be even more prominent, but perhaps they are to be found in the invigorating, brisk aspects. There are hints of black pepper. A quietly assertive and satisfying scent. It is very dry. At times the scent suggests SMN Broom/Ginestre, at other times CdG Laurel, at other times a rosemary/mint combo.
  7. odysseusm
    This scent deserves another update, now that I am more familiar with it.
    The opening continues to please: gorgeous citrus notes which are very natural. When the lemon segues into the pine we have something very close to Blenheim Bouquet -- yet arguably more lovely, more natural, and suggestive of a higher quality than BB. There is good longevity for the citrus note. Gradually the dry pepper emerges to supplant the lemon. When the herbal notes appear, the scent shifts somewhat. The rosemary picks up where the pine leaves off, but ultimately this is centred on thyme. You have to appreciate thyme to like this scent. The thyme and dry pepper have lovely austere tones. At times the thyme suggests something like rubber, but even natural thyme has that quality. In dry-down, a herbal-garrigue style. My only caveat is that the conifers are not more prominent, very much a background issue. Otherwise, a superb scent!
  8. MonkeyBars
    My love for thyme causes me to want to revisit this one. I found it a bit insipid when I tried it a couple years back. It didn't have that bracing, crisp quality I associated with the image presented.
  9. odysseusm
    I was thinking that, with your love of thyme, it is worth consideration. It is a solid thyme, a bit fuzzy-rubbery but in my opinion quite natural.
  10. awayalonealong
    Great to read this discussion of Granville, a frag I came upon only this year.Thanks for your ongoing insights, ody.
    I picked up saltiness in the opening to Granville and that did not appeal. But soon enough, the ocean gives way to sunny pine shores. I find Granville great for warm, humid days. As noted, it is a dry scent and I have so few of them in my collection. Granville helps make oppressive weather bearable. And, for me, that puts it into the category of aromatherapy.
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